Our responsibility



We value sustainable textiles and manufacturing methods that leave a lighter footprint on the planet, a philosophy we are committed to.

We personally visited our main factories. One of our main goals and responsibilities is to achieve a supply chain that it’s traceable from the very beginning to the end. 

Committing all of our suppliers to ensure ethical working conditions and healthy workplace environment. 

We strongly promote slow consumption of fashion valuing our environment and fairness in people’s work. That’s why we are committed to creating timeless, quality items and avoid any unnecessary waste.

Our partners and suppliers are based in Indonesia, they are mainly family businesses that have passed on through generations and have an immense knowledge of their craftsmanship.

Denpasar, Indonesia.
Manufacturing Partner. 
Family business / 20 employees.

Our textiles are mainly made by natural fibers that are biodegradable such as linen, bamboo, silk, cotton. We vigorously try to avoid using synthetic materials, only a small percentage of the fibers in our fabrics are synthetic, and we are constantly looking for recycled and eco-friendly alternatives.